Zina in the News

Darrell Berkheimer: Kicking Democracy Out of the Democratic Party?

The Union - June 21, 2019

More than 22 years in the job has given Pascrell plenty of time to provide the best of what he has to offer. It’s time for him to bow out and let someone younger, more energetic and with some new ideas move into the job.

The AOC Effect: Progressive Women Gear Up to Primary Top Democrats

Progressive.org - June 14, 2019

Environmental activist and clean technology investor Zina Spezakis felt compelled to run for Congress after seeing her representative in New Jersey’s Ninth District, Bill Pascrell, fail to act with urgency on climate change.

Spezakis Launches Primary Challenge Against Pascrell

New Jersey Globe - June 6, 2019

Zina Spezakis, a clean technology investor and environmental activist, today opened her campaign to oust Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-Paterson) in the Democratic primary.

Insurgent Democrats, Many of Them Women, Worry a New Party Policy Will Block Them

The New York Times - June 2, 2019

In New Jersey, Zina Spezakis, a clean technology investor, is taking on Bill Pascrell, who was first elected in 1996. While she found that the old-guard firms were not interested in her business, newer firms have popped up to help.

Between the Lines

Hudson Reporter - April 24, 2019

If there was any wonder why Rep. Bill Pascrell recently embraced the New Green Deal, the announcement by environmental activists Zina Spezakis to run against him in the primary may well explain it.

Why Primary Challenges Might Sneak Up on Democrats in 2020

The Nation - March 14, 2019

In New Jersey, Zina Spezakis is preparing for a challenge against Bill Pascrell, citing the urgency of climate change.

 Bill Pascrell Draws a Democratic Primary Challenger

New Jersey Globe - March 6, 2019

Zina Spezakis, a clean technology investor and environmental activist, will challenge Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-Paterson) in the Democratic primary in New Jersey’s 9th district next year.