Healthcare – For All

I support Medicare for All.  Quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and should be available to every American.  Our current healthcare system does not work. Many go uninsured and those who have insurance do not realize that much of what they pay for is overhead, not medical services.  The complexity and waste in our healthcare system raises costs to the point that the United States leads the world in healthcare expenses without the outcomes to show for it. We’re paying more, but not getting healthier.  Instead, pharmaceutical companies continue to price gouge critical medicines and administrative costs have skyrocketed.

Medicare for all is the right thing to do for Americans. Why should individuals skip or ration their medicine or avoid doctors because they cannot afford care?

I support full reproductive healthcare, including access to birth control and abortions. I also support H.R. 1384 Medicare For All Act, and would vote for it if elected.

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Pharmaceuticals – Regulate Them

I also support regulating pharmaceuticals in a manner similar to which we regulate utilities – including capping drug prices.  The pharmaceutical industry is already subsidized by taxpayers, effectively paying for the industry’s profits with nothing in return.  Like utilities, pharmaceuticals provide an essential good – in this case, medicine. People should not ration or avoid medication because they cannot afford exorbitant pricing.