Taxes – Make Them Fair

The Tax Reform Act of 2017, lauded by some as a bill to relieve average Americans of hefty tax burdens, in fact only truly benefited the top 1% and corporations and exacerbated income inequality. How can Amazon, which reported $11 billion in income in 2018, get a tax refund of $129 million?

Increasing income inequality is not only morally wrong, it destroys the very fabric that this country has been built upon: the ideals of the American Dream. Opportunities to climb the economic ladder become sparse when wealth becomes increasingly concentrated amongst a minority and crony capitalism is in play. Innovation and production is severely curtailed when those with bold ideas and ingenuity can’t work hard enough to get their heads above water.

Locally, the elimination of the deduction for real estate taxes has hit New Jerseyans particularly hard.  It is a massive wealth transfer from New Jersey to the federal government and it needs to be reversed. New Jersey should not be paying for corporate tax cuts.

I support repealing the GOP tax scam and raising taxes on the highest earners.

Education and Student Debt – Make It Fair

I’m a product of the public-school system and a firm believer that everyone should have access to high-quality education. It is the key to a bright economic future, a successful society, and one of the surest ways to combat economic inequality.

In New Jersey, student loan debt has reached $42.5 billion. That represents an increase of 126% over the last ten years. The student debt crisis impacts barriers to economic mobility and exacerbates income inequality. Student debt interferes with the ability to purchase a home or a car, start a family, save for retirement, or to have any purchasing power at all.

I believe that public colleges and universities and trade schools should be tuition free. I also believe in a one-time forgiveness of student debt and reforming the industry.  This includes making repayments tax-deductible, addressing deceptive student loan lending practices and capping interest rates.  For our kids, and our grandkids’, I will fight to maintain and improve our public schools and make sure that teachers get the pay they deserve for the critical work they do.

Seniors – Fix The Retirement Crisis

Social Security is the most successful social justice program in our nation’s history. It used to be that people could rely on Social Security, a pension, and personal savings to fund their retirement.  But now, very few of us still have a pension plan, and most Americans cannot afford to save nearly enough to secure a comfortable retirement. This is a crisis.

I firmly support funding Social Security as well as expanding the taxable income cap in order to extend Social Security’s solvency.

Corporate Subsidies – End Them For Bad Actors

Corporate subsidies are financial incentives (cash, tax breaks, loan guarantees, etc.)  that the government provides to businesses in order to encourage certain activities. One recent study found that fossil fuels have received over $1 trillion dollars in subsidies since 1950.  So, our tax money has helped pollute our own environment.  

Why don’t we use these subsidies instead to promote clean technologies, increase education spending, fully fund social security and create clean energy jobs here in the United States?